Sergio Aguero derided for insulting Eduardo Camavinga during celebrations

Sergio Aguero derided for insulting Eduardo Camavinga during celebrations

Argentina were enjoying themselves following their crowning glory, ending 36 years without the World Cup. The celebrations were not short of wild scenes and, typically for Argentina, they did not come without controversy.

Mammoth goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez held a moment of silence for Kylian Mbappe mid-conga in the dressing room and he wasn’t the only French player to be a topic.

Sergio Aguero has been back with the Argentina team this week, sharing a room with Lionel Messi as they have done for their entire Argentina careers together. The former Barcelona and Manchester City forward would likely have been there with the squad, had he not been forced to retire due to an irregular heartbeat.

After the match in the dressing room however, while streaming on his phone, he perhaps crossed the line.

“For Camavinga, that d***face,” Aguero yelled, to 500,000 viewers.

The Madrid media were predictably unhappy about this and it is easy to see why. It is hard to tell where their beef might originate from, having never shared a pitch together. The closest they came was when Sergio Aguero came off the bench and scored in El Clasico for Barcelona in a 2-1 defeat, but Eduardo Camavinga remained on the bench.

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