Watch: Argentine reporter melts Lionel Messi with impassioned speech

Watch: Argentine reporter melts Lionel Messi with impassioned speech

The entirety of Argentina rejoiced yesterday after their side cruised through to the World Cup final to give themselves a shot at the much-desired ‘tercera’, and Lionel Messi a chance to win the World Cup.

On Sunday, as the Albiceleste take to the pitch against France or Morocco, nerves will reach a fever pitch as Messi takes to the field for the final time in the World Cup. It will be all or nothing for both him and Argentina.

However one reporter decided to reduce the importance of it. Speaking to Messi after the game had finished, Sofi Martinez Mateos TVP Sport wrapped up her interview on TVP Sport with an impassioned speech, explaining to Messi why he had already done something much greater than winning it all.

“The last thing I want to say to you is not a question, more a statement. There is a World Cup final coming, and even if we all want to win the cup, there is one thing that no-one can take away from you, and that is what you have given to every single Argentine. I say this to you truthfully.”

“There is not a single kid who does not have you’re shirt. Whether that be the original, a replica, an invented one or an imaginary one, honestly.”

“You have touched the lives of everyone. And that is what I think that is greater than a World Cup. It is a thank you for a moment of happiness which is so big, that you have given to so many people.”

“The truth is I hope you know that in your heart, because I think that is more important than a World Cup, and that you already have, so thank you, captain.”

The Argentina captain could do little more than smile at Martinez, which was no doubt the same reaction as many others had.

As debates rage online and counterpoints are hurled between fans of one player or another, perhaps it sometimes gets lost the enormous happiness that these players produce. For many countries, these matches can be seminal moments, and after some tricky years in Argentina, Messi has helped to bring about euphoria for many. In that context, Ballon d’Or voting seems somewhat superfluous.

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