Luka Modric changes tune on greatest of all time debate

Luka Modric changes tune on greatest of all time debate

What perhaps was the most thrilling individual battle in 21st century football has, at times, ventured into the territory of tedium. Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi? Aside from being dismissive of many other incredible talents, the debate over which of the two is better, and indeed if that makes them the greatest of all time, has been a constant over the last decade.

Often the debate can be divided into fans of various players and clubs – rarely will a Barcelona fan declare for Ronaldo and vice versa, which makes sense.

That has tended to be the case for players too. Most, understandably, back their teammates or those they have a relation with.

That was the case for Luka Modric in 2018. When the great Croatian was asked whom was better, Modric gave a slight edge to the Portuguese. Somos Invictos carried his words.

“Both of them. Both are great footballers. It depends on what you like more of this or that in each player. I don’t like to compare them. For us, those of us at Real Madrid, Cristiano is the best.”

However following Croatia’s semi-final defeat at the World Cup to Argentina, Modric told Ole that he was the best ever.

“Hopefully (Messi) wins this World Cup, he is the best player in history and he deserves it.”

“He is having a great World Cup, he is showing his quality and greatness in every game.”

The debate is unlikely to end any time soon, as there are few things more difficult than changing a person’s mind. Should Messi win the World Cup on Sunday, it might be a nail in the coffin for many though.

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