Neymar Junior publishes messages with Brazil teammates over World Cup heartbreak

Neymar Junior publishes messages with Brazil teammates over World Cup heartbreak

The outpouring of grief following Brazil’s exit from the World Cup at the hands of Croatia, has been monumental. The sense that Brazil felt this was their year is tangible and Neymar Junior’s incontrollable sobs were evidence of that.

Since there has been a strong current of messages of support to Neymar both publicly and privately, including from Pele and Dani Alves.

On his Instagram, Neymar decided to publish some of the private messages between his Brazilian colleagues.

“I decided to expose (without their permission) the messages to see how much we wanted to earn and how united we were.”

One of those exchanges was with Real Madrid’s Rodrygo Goes, where Neymar reprimanded him for his regrets over missing Brazil’s first penalty.

“Sorry… no. Are you crazy? Only those who get thing it right miss and you are an ace.”

Meanwhile Chelsea defender Thiago Silva expressed how difficult it was to get over, as carried by Marca.

“Bro, it’s more f***** up than I imagined, really. I can’t take it. I can’t believe we lost. I can’t believe it. Every time I think about it, I want to cry, son of a b****.”

Neymar also comforted fellow Paris Saint-Germain defender Marquinhos, who was the other player to miss a penalty.

“A penalty will not change what I think of you,” Neymar said, to which Marquinhos replied.

“I really wanted things to go well. But we have to be strong, give it time and see what football brings us.”

The clear emotion transmitted by Brazil is one of shock. While Croatia are a tough side, it seems obvious that few of Brazil’s squad were expecting to exit so soon. After finally breaking the Croatian resistance in extra time, they must have felt it was certain and following the equaliser just three minutes from time, it is no surprise they crumbled in the penalty shoot-out.

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