Why do football players spit on the field and why do they spit out the juices after drinking


The World Championship is taking place at a pleasant pace in Qatar. The matches are watched by billions of people around the globe every day as the footballers play for the big trophy.

The public has been able to pay attention to some trends that footballers seem to do in every game, among which is when they spit on the field and also take their drinks outside the line of the field.

In fact, there is a very scientific reason why they act this way.

Why do football players spit?

Players should spit while performing the exercises, as excessive saliva is produced.

What’s more, they often spit out their drinks on the field after taking a small amount of juice from the bottle.

This is due to a tactic called carb flushing, which is said to improve performance. According to a New York Times article: “Carbohydrate rinsing refers to the practice of gargling with sports drinks for five to ten seconds during exercise, but then spitting them out instead of swallowing.”

The European Journal of Sport Science published a report in 2017 which found that carbohydrate flushing increased performance in a variety of activities.

Running magazine added that during exercise: “Gargling with a carbohydrate-rich drink is refreshing and allows you to avoid the feeling of bloating or cramping that can occur when drinking juice.” Spitting is not an offense in football, so it does not risk a disciplinary card.

However, spitting at another player or an official is punishable by a red card.

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