What did Messi and Lewandowski say to each other at the end of the match? From indifference to embrace


The duel between Poland and Argentina was not only a decisive game for the qualification to the next stage of the World Championship, but it was also a duel of stars: Leo Messi against Robert Lewandowski.

So the past and the present of Barcelona.

They greeted each other, both captains of their teams, before the ball started rolling in front of the referees. During the match, the Pole, looking for a goal to calm his team, illegally stopped the Argentine.

Lewa apologized to him, but the Argentine remained indifferent, saying nothing. However, at the end of the meeting they greeted each other and exchanged a few words, covering their mouths with their hands so that no one would discover what they were saying.

In the end, everything ended with a hug.

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