Journalist hints women’s football split may have contributed to Luis Enrique’s Spain sacking

Journalist hints women's football split may have contributed to Luis Enrique's Spain sacking

As one of Spain’s most controversial footballing figures in recent history, Luis Enrique Martinez’s dismissal from the national team was never likely to be a straight-forward issue. After losing out on Morocco to penalties, the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) decided to move the Asturian on.

Details have emerged of the sacking and it appears that Luis Enrique would have liked to continue in the role, but was not even given the chance to discuss the matter with President Luis Rubiales and Sporting Director Jose Francisco Molina.

Less than an hour later, under-21 manager Luis de la Fuente was announced as his successor.

Discussing the issue on Spanish station Cadena Cope, journalist Monica Marchante hinted that Luis Enrique’s departure may not have been 100% based on sporting performance.

“De la Fuente supported Jorge Vilda. Luis Enrique never did. They are little things. Being independent is expensive.”

Marchante is referring to Spanish women’s coach Jorge Vilda, who has been under fire in recent months. Over the summer, 15 of the Spanish women’s team wrote a letter to the RFEF demanding changes. The consequence being none of the 15 would return to the national team until those changes came into place. The RFEF stood firm behind Vilda, and there has been no sign of a stepping back from ‘the 15‘ as they have been dubbed.

The implied meaning is that Luis Enrique’s non-committal answers on Vilda (he did not publicly criticise him) have played a part in his sacking, by not standing behind the RFEF’s position.

It is a hard claim to prove one way or another, but it is an interesting detail. Both the RFEF and Rubiales have come under fire over the matter and it would be in keeping with his character, devoted to the concept of loyalty, if this did in fact play a part.

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