Gerard Pique rips Florentino Perez to shreds over Superleague

Gerard Pique rips Florentino Perez to shreds over Superleague

Gerard Pique has admitted that he although Florentino Perez might have hit on some important points in his speeches about the Superleague, but did not hold back about the way the Real Madrid President had done it.

Now retired, Pique seemed to be enjoying himself on Twitch with Ibai Llanos, a popular streamer in Spain, able to speak freely.

Opining on the Superleague, Pique told Ibai that Perez had some good points but his manner of doing so.

“Milan loves football and doesn’t watch an entire game. When Florentino talks to you about the Super League and that people consume differently, I agree with that. But I don’t think the Super League is the solution. It’s a different thing.”

“The presentation of the Super League, it was a big s***show. Because I hold Florentino in the highest regard, he surprised me [in the way that he did it]. He has changed Madrid. He was wrong when he signed the stars at the time and when he came back, his work has been praiseworthy. His presentation at El Chiringuito, him alone… my head exploded. I don’t know what he wanted to achieve. I didn’t understand it.”

Although it is unusual to hear such current footballers, now former in Pique’s case, talk about the Superleague in such terms, it is hardly removed from the common thought.

Many were confused by Perez’s manner of presenting the Superleague, with an online press release, a shoddy website and an appearance on the El Chiringuito talk show. It is no surprise that the Superleague have now hired a firm to manage their affairs and press events for them.

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