“I’ve no doubt I can still contribute.”

Nagelsmann waxes lyrical about Mathys Tel
After 12 days without being in front off the microphones, FC Bayern München trainer Julian Nagelsmann still found himself on the defensive at a Thursday presser.

Bayern seek to snap a four-game winless run in the league at home against Leverkusen this Friday. 

“I conveyed to the lads what I ask for and what I want to see,” Nagelsmann, “Crucially, I highlighted instances in which there are no excuses.”

“To say that the last two weeks haven’t affected me emotionally would be a lie,” he continued, “There were some things [criticisms] reported from my days at Hoffenheim. That was years ago. My name has been mentioned far too much in the last weeks.”

“I believe invest a lot in the job and also know that I always give the players clear procedures to follow,” Nagelsmann noted when it came to specific criticism of his training style and sometimes acerbic treatment of the team when speaking to the press, “I think I’m a decent person who deals with them [the players] in a decent way.”

Nagelsmann did divulge that he had questioned himself a lot during the international break, yet entertained no thoughts of resigning.

“I’m not responsible for everything,” he noted, “but I’m not shirking my responsibility either. I’ve no doubt that I can contribute a few things contextually and adjustments in order to help us be successful again and stay that way.”

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