“We were the luckier team.”

After taking a dig at Schalke 04 keeper Alexander Schwolow, FCU manager Oliver Ruhnert conceded that a little bit of luck had been on his team’s side during Saturday’s 6-1 rout of FC Schalke 04. 

Union trainer Urs Fischer and Janik Haberer, scorer of one of the critical goals, both agreed with this assessment.

“Almost every shot was a goal,” Ruhnert said after the full-time whistle, “Schwolow couldn’t actually hold a ball properly.”

Following that statement, Ruhnert did acknowledge that his team were lucky to net some of their goals at critical times. Janik Haberer’s 3-1 thumper at 45+3 and Becker’s 4-1 one minute after the restart effectively broke the back of the hosts. Haberer himself acknowledged afterwards that he felty fortunate to have tallied.

“The course of the game just broke for us,” Haberer noted afterwards, “Schalke could have also also taken the lead. I’m incredibly happy [about my goal], it being something I’ve tried before.”

Ruhnert concurred with his attacker.

Head-coach Urs Fischer also made sure to stress the same angle.

“It will be important to classify this result correctly,” Fischer said post-match, “The 3-1 lead at the break was rather lucky, Schalke did better than us in the the first half. They were more aggressive and more agile than us. After 4-1 the game really went on a one way path. In the end, the final scoreline was too high.”

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