Chelsea are targeting the Juve striker, almost offering 100 million


Chelsea return to attack for Federico Chiesa. The news is announced by the Daily Mail, serving the details of the offer that is being prepared by the Roman Abramovoch club. To get the Juventus winger, the Blues are ready to put 84 million pounds on the plate, just under 100 million euros. Frightening figures, which could make the black and white leaders shake, that with his sale they could reach Vlahovic.

In England there is no doubt about the intentions of Marina Granovskaia and her staff. Federico Chiesa has been very fond of Chelsea for a long time, and Tuchel would be very happy to have him available for his 4-2-3-1, right or left matters little. What matters is that the player has convinced everyone at Stamford Bridge, thus becoming Chelsea’s number one target.

A potential target by looking at the figures mentioned. At the moment, Chiesa has cost Juve only a few 10 million euros, but next summer the whites and blacks must pour in the coffers of Fiorentina a full 40 million euros, to complete the operation of about 50 million euros.

More or less half of what Chelsea have to offer and that with the balance in hand, would guarantee a fat profit and money in Cash to convince Fiorentina to sell Vlahovic, and then Juvja can start re-establishing the team, along with the sales of Rabiot, Kulusevski, Arthur and Ramsey.
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