Pedro Porro hits back against his grandad’s misinformation


Yesterday, we carried the story of Pedro Porro’s cheeky granddad joking that his son could never play for Real Madrid, because he himself was a Barcelona fan.

He also made some funny comments about Diego Simeone and his huevos, and pointed out that he thought Porro was doing well at Sporting Club de Portugal, and didn’t need to move just yet anyway.

We don’t think he was being serious, but as always in football things get blown out of proportion, and ridiculously we’ve now had a “comunicado oficial” from the player denying everything his granddad said.

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Desperately trying to reopen the door to a Madrid move, Porro points out that it would be a dream for any player to play for a club as big and famous as Real.

Honestly, if you can’t interview a player’s grandad about his future transfer prospects anymore without some kind of super-injunction, what is the world coming to?

Source by Football Espana

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