“Never!” Pedro Porro’s grandfather denies Real Madrid claims


Pedro Porro’s career is a slow burner, gradually going up through the gears to a new high every season.

He’s now a regular and a key player for Sporting Club de Portugal, and his performances last season as they won the league have started to attract attention from teams further and further up the pyramid.

His grandfather has today given a tongue in cheek interview with AS, where he declares Pedro could never play for Real Madrid, despite the links. The abuelo is, of course, a Barca fan.

He does say he’d be happy for Pedro to play for Atletico – because Diego Simeone has “two eggs.”

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At the end of this season, Porro’s two season loan at Sporting will be over, and he will have the chance to decide where his career takes him next.

Let’s be honest – if Real Madrid make an offer, grandpa Antonio’s wishes will soon be forgotten.

Source by Football Espana

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