Athletic Club’s board make cryptic Inaki Williams hints


Marca today have a report from the Athletic Club assembly of socios, where the club president, accountant and various other important figures took the chance afforded by the international break to speak about the club’s progress.

Like all football clubs, Athletic have struggled through the coronavirus pandemic, suddenly seeing their usual income sources strangled.

Given that they don’t sign non-Basque players, they at least don’t have to worry about paying for past transfer that now look vastly inflated. But still, they will struggle like everyone else, and they insisted that they are trying their best to make up for lost revenue.

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One slightly odd discussion came with regards to their star player, Inaki Williams. The Junta’s accountant pointed out that the only contract renewal that was “above average” was Inaki’s, while the rest had been within the “normal limits of professional football.”

We’re not sure if this is supposed to be a criticism, Williams has shown tremendous loyalty to his club, and there won’t be many Athletic fans who don’t think he’s worth his wages.

Source by Football Espana

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