‘Shredding Chelsea fans apart’ – What away supporters make of Stamford Bridge and its atmosphere


All football fans love an away day, right?

There’s something unique about travelling to an away ground with a couple thousand like-minded fans, engulfing the away end and having endless banter with the home support.

At Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge, away fans are located on one side of the Shed End lower tier (towards the East Stand side), the view from this location is pretty good and there isn’t much distance between the home and away fans which can make for a lively atmosphere.

But what do travelling supporters really think of the stadium and the Chelsea fans inside of it on matchday?

We take a look at Football Ground Guide to see what opposition fans really think. These reviews are written by away fans and cover a variety of topics.

Here are their verdicts…

Andrew (Brighton fan)

Just WOW!! The whole stadium seems massive. Needed a couple of Sherpas to get to our seats. Very steep. Excellent view.

Great away atmosphere, stewards very friendly.

Ian (Newcastle fan)

Due to the compact stadium, there was a lot of one-way banter directed at the Chelsea fans. Newcastle fans were absolutely shredding the Chelsea fans apart throughout the game even though Chelsea were the much better side in my opinion.

The low roof meant we could really generate some noise, though I’m not sure how loud we were heard around London.

Paul (Bournemouth fan)

I was very impressed, especially as it was a night game and the atmosphere was good in the run up to Christmas. I was also very impressed with the away end, especially as I was in the front row with an unimpeded view.

My first impression though was how hard it was to get into the away end. I have never known a club make it so slow getting into a ground with an overly complicated queuing system that even some of their own stewards didn’t understand.

David (Cardiff fan)

The Stamford Bridge ground is really impressive inside and out. Surprisingly though there’s not much room behind the stands and you are quite squished.

General view outside Stamford Bridge. (Image Steve Bardens - UEFA/UEFA via Getty Images)
General view outside Stamford Bridge. (Image Steve Bardens – UEFA/UEFA via Getty Images)

Paul R (Arsenal fan)

The outside of Stamford Bridge looks fairly modern and neat. But don’t be fooled, it disguises the state of the ground inside.

When you enter, you go into an open concourse where you can see the pitch. Of course as a result it means you can’t get a beer. The away end in the shed seems fairly shallow compared with the rest of the ground.

It really looked lopsided, particularly with that main stand (who wants to be sat next to a tall wall that appears to block your view).

Dave (Watford fan)

I have been to Stamford Bridge before but the ground for me is average, especially when you consider all the money the club has the stadium lets them down.

The atmosphere on the night was better than normal but Chelsea, like their north London rivals Arsenal, suffer from tourist fan syndrome. And for the £55 ticket price for adults, it’s the biggest rip-off in the league.

Andrew (Swansea fan)

Stamford Bridge doesn’t look anything special from the outside as you don’t actually see much of it as you walk towards it.

Inside it was a different story, it was a stadium that I liked. Pretty compact with a very good view of the pitch.

Lee (Peterborough United fan)

We were seated in the upper tier of the Shed End for away fans the view was excellent and although we were three rows from the back you felt close to the pitch as the stand was quite steep.

Stamford Bridge has had almost a complete renovation since the mid-nineties still retaining the impressive East Stand built in the early seventies blending with rest of the modern stadia including the opposite West Stand.

Shaun (Bristol Rovers fan)

Externally I was slightly disappointed by Stamford Bridge. The approach along the back of the Shed end is dominated by the hotel, which I felt detracted from the fact that it is a place where football is played and made it devoid of character.

The views of the playing area however from this end were fantastic. The most impressive thing about the ground for me is the East Stand which still dominates the ground.

Stephen (Watford fan)

Stamford Bridge is hidden behind a series of nearby developments, it is obvious why Chelsea are so keen either to move or completely renovate as the infrastructure is not up to modern standards.

Once in the ground things improve dramatically, from the upper level the views are in good proximity to the home fans lending a great atmosphere.

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