Former famous football player of the “Red Devils”, strong criticism of Ronaldo


“Solskjaer needs to talk to Ronaldo and explain some of his behavior.” Gary Neville, the former Manchester United player, already in the role of opinionist, commented on the attitude of the Portuguese champion, who at the end of the match with Everton was the protagonist of a scene that is provoking a lot of discussion. CR7, as he turned his head down towards the locker rooms, was filmed muttering.

“He was talking to himself,” Neville told Sky Sports microphones. – “It can be seen that he was angry, but with whom? Ronaldo gets angry when he does not win and does not score, but some things need to be done and clarified inside the locker rooms. Not in front of the cameras “.

Neville is very critical of the former Juventus striker.

“He wanted to play as a starter, he was angry because he did not score, disappointed by the team’s failure to win, but he does not need to show that much. “Such behavior does nothing but increase the pressure, not only on the environment, but also on the coach.”

Neville hopes for an immediate clarification between the two, coach Solskjaer and Ronaldo.

“I think Ronaldo is smart enough to understand that he should not behave this way. “It will happen that we do not score and do not play all the games, so this has to be resolved before it happens again.”

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