Ander Herrera Comments on Mbappé and Neymar incident

Ander Herrera Comments on Mbappé and Neymar incident

Ander Herrera Comments on Mbappé and Neymar incident.

In a recent interview with RMC Sport Ander Herrera was asked by reporters about Kylian’s and Neymar outburst after the Montpellier match, and here is what he has to say.

“Since I’ve been at the club, if there’s one thing I’ve observed, it’s the affinity between Neymar and Mbappé. Nothing has changed between them. During matches, we all want to do our best. We all want to score goals, make assists, it’s normal. They tease each other, they get along well, they joked about it. Under the pressure, things are sometimes taken out of context or blown out of proportion. People like to talk about PSG, negative news sells better than positive news.”

“Since I’ve been here, they’ve had a very special connection. Nothing has changed since. Every match has its chances, where we need to fight. We tease each other but in the end, we like each other. We laugh together, we have a good squad. When I have a little issue with Paredes, no one notices, but when it’s Neymar and Mbappé it’s different. [These kinds of things are] normal, that how football is.”

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