Tammy Abraham Wins, Deceased love for Chelsea

Tammy Abraham shows he has moved on from Chelsea with what he did before latest Roma goal

Tammy Abraham Wins, Deceased love for Chelsea.

Tammy Abraham is and always will be a Chelsea fan, despite leaving the north London club for Roma.

The Blues’ striker was a graduate of the Blues academy system. He spent two years in and around the team before Thomas Tuchel purchased Romelu Lukaku. It ended his dream of becoming the club’s top striker.

He had a record of 30 goals while wearing the Chelsea badge and assisted 12 times. He also won the Champions League win them last season.

Abraham was brought by Jose Mourinho, since he got to Roma the 23-year-old has scored two goals and two assists in five appearances.

Last nights match against Udinese, showed the young strikers hunger for goals, as a nicked a 1-0 victory.

Abraham celebrated by punching the air and shouting to the heavens in excitement.

There was a pre-match moment, however, that would have won him over to his new fans.

Before the Roms vs Udinese game, the club anthem was played and Abraham was captured by the cameras pumping his fist and singing along with the tune. This will surely build his connection with Roma fans, so far he having a great time in Italy and hope to see more goals from the former Chelsea star.

Hopefully, he will solidify his Ace status by scoring a goal at the clash between arch-rivals Lazio during the Olimpico.

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