Tottenham Pierluigi excited about ‘perfect’ Cristian Romero

Pierluigi Gollini explains why Tottenham fans should be excited about 'perfect' Cristian Romero

Tottenham Pierluigi excited about ‘perfect’ Cristian Romero.

Pierluigi Gollini says Cristian Romero is a  perfect fir for the Tottenham team, it will take time for him to adapt to the premier League and the teams playbook.

Both players are loanes from Atalanta Serie A, hopefully they will get a permanent deal next summer.

Spurs have been playing Gollini in cup matches, while Romero made his first back to back starts this week after a difficult month.

after the international friendly weekend, They both spent some days in isolation and missed two Spurs matches.

Gollini acknowledged that it was difficult for Romero.

It’s not an easy task, but you know that. There are many things… He said that if I were to put myself in the shoes of his and other South American men, it would be very difficult.”

“From one side, it’s important not to let your teammates down or your team down, but from the other, be there for a player who knows how much it means for you to play for your country.

It’s the most important thing, and you don’t want to let your country fall. It was extremely difficult for them.



“I believe the Premier League should resolve this issue with FIFA. They need to find an agreement that is clear for everyone and for everyone is the same. It was a huge problem.

It’s very hard, especially when you add that to the injury. It’s been hard for him, but he’s a great guy. A clever guy. He is a very, very tough man.”

It’s been difficult because he was busy with national team duties, and also because he has a problem with his knee. But he’s going well.

He is learning the Premier League, but he knows the game well. He’ll be fine, and very proficient.”

Romero was named Defender of the Year in Serie A last season, Gollini believes believes he is a world class centre-back and fans will be excied about him this season.

“This guy is an animal. I swear. He is perfect for the Premier League,” said he. He’s been playing for years with three backs, and it’s quite different from playing with four.

You have to work harder and defend more like a team, a group with four players and more in the zone than the man. He must adjust, and he will because he is a smart guy and an incredible player.

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